Battle of the Breakfast Burritos: Lucky Boy vs. Huge Tree

Is anything better than Lucky Boy’s gigantic and rightfully famous breakfast burrito? The beast could swallow your forearm and costs more than any of the burgers at the historic drive-in and it’s worth every cent. The warm beans and eggs, crispy potatoes, softened shreds of cheese–even the salsa is perfect. We went on a Wednesday morning and I swear there were as many students ditching school as there were parents who just dropped off their kids as there were commuters making time for the Most Important Meal of the Day on the way to work.

How about Huge Tree’s Fan Tuan with skin-tight plastic barely containing the shaft of purple rice surrounding slightly sweetened and lighter-than-air scrambled eggs, pickled vegetables, and a Chinese donut packed into the center? This is the sort of carb-on-carb violence we can all get behind, from senior citizens sipping tea, dipping donuts into the sweetened or savory soy milk, and reading the Chinese newspapers to slackers like us waiting for morning movies to start across the street at Atlantic Times Square.

Living in America, we have freedom of choice. Living in the SGV, we get to eat both–in the same morning if we can handle it. Let’s scarf everything together.

Lucky Boy
640 S. Arroyo Pkwy.

Huge Tree Pastry
423 N. Atlantic Blvd. # 106
Monterey Park




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