Best place to watch a car chase: Juicy Dumplings

People go out to eat wings during football games and fish and chips for soccer. But what about a car chase?

We had some handmade juicy dumplings while a car chase preempted the usual late-afternoon TV programming and it was great! When our server wasn’t taking our order or actually making our dumplings, she even watched the drama unfold alongside us. Los Feliz, Atwater, Eagle Rock, Pasadena–we thought that perhaps if the renegade pick-up truck driver went further into the 626 we might be able to see the action or at least the helicopters from the balcony of San Gabriel Square but he crashed his car in Altadena and gave himself up.

Oh. Besides juicy dumplings, we had fresh bao, chewy rice disks, fresh choy, and flaky green onion pancakes to go with the entertainment. Our new fave place in the plaza that isn’t vegetarian.

Juicy Dumpling
140 W. Valley Blvd. #211
San Gabriel,


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