E&J Yummy Kitchen for unpretentious, old school, and cheap Cantonese

E&J Yummy Kitchen is totally unpretentious, old-school Cantonese restaurant comfortably packed with an all-local clientele that might include senior citizens, students on a budget, and medical workers on lunch break. The cash-only strip mall spot specializes in breakfast stuff like jook and cheung fun all day, and you can top it with everything from tripe or barbecue pork. It’s classic dishes rather than Instagram imagery.

I wasn’t that hungry and got the vegetable yee mein topped with green onion and ginger, which provided plenty of punchy flavor. The noodles were fresh, springy, and soft even without the broth. Simple but good. Who needs sauce at every meal, anyway?

My wife got the big bowl of wonton soup, which had some plump dumplings on top of the same yummy noodles. With dollops of chili sauce it was intense!

Humbly tucked between standards like Mandarin Deli and Liang’s Kitchen, it doesn’t stand out. Not trendy. Not fancy. But yummy for sure.

E&J Yummy Kitchen
728 S. Atlantic Blvd. #103
Monterey Park


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