E&J Yummy Kitchen for your rice fetishes

Is there anything worse than going into a restaurant and seeing that everyone ordered the same thing except for you? E & J Yummy Restaurant is the place to go for cheung fun (sheets of rice noodles) and jook (rice porridge)–and not just for breakfast or dim sum. Rice and more rice!

The cheung fun is springy and fresh and served twisted like a fancy scarf, perhaps with shrimp that is flash-cooked and pops in your mouth to contrast with the smooth white noodle. The porridge is packed with seafood goodies and full of salty flavor. Adding crushed chile sauce is good for the color palette as well as the flavor.

Bring cash and a small party. It’s small, cheap, and great if you love rice.

E&J Yummy Kitchen
728 S. Atlantic Blvd.
Monterey Park




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