Elite Restaurant: The return of the king of dim sum?

Once upon a time, Elite was the dim sum restaurant with great dishes and decent service. Regardless of the time of day, crowds were seen waiting in the lobby and everyone came out happy and full. But these days it’s not unusual to walk in without a wait, and the decline in business is probably due to more inconsistent food quality and an influx of competition around the San Gabriel Valley.

On Sunday morning, the hostess immediately seated six of us and Elite seemed to be making a comeback. Or maybe it was just a good day. Regardless, this is what stood out in a vast field of brunch items.

Mushroom Dumplings with Meat – Most dumplings have one item. Pork. Maybe shrimp. On occasion, there will be chives or peas. But this dumpling, made to look like a tiny gift in a wrapped package, comes with pork, mushroom, corn, celery, and cilantro. You can see all the ingredients and you can taste them, too.

Beef Short Ribs with Black Pepper/Spare Ribs with Chili and Black Bean Sauce – Most dim sum restaurants carry one or the other. Elite has both!

Crispy Rice Noodle РAt other places, they come with pieces of shrimp or a fried cruller stuffed inside. Elite takes it to the next level and has a double stuffing of tasty cholesterol. A twofer!

Golden Cream Bun – Designated by the orange marking on top of a white bun, this palmful of yellow, yolky, sweet tongue sex will put your body in orgasmic convulsions. Or maybe it’s diabetic shock kicking in. Either way, this is not a bad last bite if you decide to meet your maker.

Elite Restaurant
700 S. Atlantic Blvd.
Monterey Park



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    They’ve developed a world view based on the odd melding of things Chinese and American and the habits of a young Asian generation obsessed with boba tea, break dancing and Instagram photos of food.

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