Fried Chicken Friday: Pappa Rich’s fried chicken skin will break your heart

Eating fried chicken skin is like being in a shallow relationship with a cute crush. Initially, it seems good. In fact, it’s great. But inevitably the fuzzy feelings turn to hate and, two years later, the status on your Facebook reads “it’s complicated.”

I’m not exactly sure at what point my people thought frying chicken skin was a good idea. But, then again, we love chicken feet too!

Although the fried chicken skin is delicious, after three pieces you’ll feel your heart constricting followed by pangs of regret. On top of that, the plate is served with ranch dressing and sweet chili sauce.  It’s as if your  ex breaks up with you moments before you were about to defend yourself and then steps on your favorite t-shirt while walking away.

Pappa Rich’s
500 N. Atlantic Blvd.
Monterey Park


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