Grand opening and mediocre dim sum at Grand Harbor Restaurant

The large dining room was brightly lit and crowded as hungry customers huddled in the lobby waiting for their numbers to be called. Just another morning at a hot, newly opened dim sum restaurant in the 626. 

Located on the hot corner of Rosemead and Las Tunas, Grand Harbor is trying to one-up the competition with gimmicky dishes like colorful buns (pretty!) and shark fin dumplings (scandalous!). But I reckon the crowds will dissipate soon after the initial curiosity subsides since the food is just not that good and the price is high for what you get.

For example, the sticky rice in lotus leaves was filled only with pork. The better ones around town usually come with a cornucopia of delicious meat, as well as abalone, salty egg, or Chinese sausage. This was like eating a pizza without toppings.

There was also a corn pancake with chives that sounded and looked more interesting than it actually was. Sadly, the corn had lost its crispy sweetness and so did my interest.

Meanwhile, the pork dumpling was something you could have ordered at a cheap to-go express window. 

The shark fin/scallop dumpling was decent, although the strands of illegal shark fin lied listlessly on each piece as if random hair had fallen off the chef’s head.

The meal’s lone highlight was the shrimp dumpling plate that offered six rather than the usual four pieces. But is extra mediocrity better? I think not.

You should probably just go down the street to Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant, which has a redundant-sounding name has served the best dim sum ever since Elite went off the rails.

Grand Harbor Restaurant
5725 Rosemead Blvd.
Temple City


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