Ixtaco Taqueria marks the spot with lobster, lamb, and roast duck tacos

Sometimes you figure out where to eat through Yelp! reviews, an Instagram feed, or even word of mouth. Or sometimes you’re getting your car’s oil changed in El Monte and see a taqueria around the corner that offers some shade from the hot summer sun that has arrived early.

Ixtaco is located in at the busy intersection of Baldwin and Valley, hidden amidst a┬ámyriad of auto repair stores. It’s an unpretentious little taco stand with a few tables and a row of chairs against a wall. The menu features the usuals like carne asada, pollo, carnitas, and buche, but there’s also lobster, lamb, and roast duck to put in your tacos–for the same $2.50 per piece. And they’re good!

The agua frescas are refreshing, as well, with Asian influences like little bits of fruit jello and almond jello.

My car was serviced and my stomach was happy, and I’ll be back before my odometer hits another 3,000 miles.

Ixtaco Taqueria
10021 Valley Blvd.
El Monte, Ca. 91731


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