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Line Walker is an ass kicker of a triad movie

Line Walker was an award-winning TVB series that followed an intricate campaign to retrieve five unidentified cops who went deep undercover to bust a Triad ring. You don’t have to watch all 31 episodes of the show to enjoy the big-screen version–although it might help you appreciate cameos and references.

In the movie, returning agent (Charmaine Sheh) and her flirty new boss (Francis Ng) discover a sixth mole. Maybe it’s the ruthless mid-level gangster coolly played by Louis Koo? Or is it his fiercely loyal enforcer portrayed by Nick Cheung?

The stylish, nonstop flurry of brutal back stabbing and unexpected ass saving, wild car chases and bloody gun fights, leads to a spectacular set piece in the favelas and half-built Olympic stadium in Rio.

That would be the climax of a Hollywood movie, but Asian crime cinema can have a different rhythm and sometimes ends with a second peak, a coda, or even a comedy section. In this case, TV veteran and first-time movie director Jazz Boon is only halfway into the saga.

Shockingly, behind all the explosions, crashes, and buckets of blood are a few humans to root for. Providing glue to the genre piece are the charged relationship between Sheh and Ng (adding depth to their roles) and the competitive friendship shared by Koo and Cheung (two of Hong Kong’s best actors).

Already a solid Chinese thriller, being able to watch it with Cantonese dialogue upgrades it to bona fide cool Hong Kong gangster flick.

See Line Walker at (where else) Atlantic Times Square.

AMC Atlantic Times Square 14
450 N. Atlantic Blvd.
Monterey Park





  1. Jeff Posted on 25/08/16

    I like the idea of a shootout in an Olympics stadium, like there’s an official competitive event for marksmanship. — Maybe I’ll learn how to say “Go ahead…Make my day” in Cantonese.

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