Movie review: Fall in Love like a Star and flame out for all to see

The movie is as generic as its title. Think of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Love in the Time of Cholera, except written for a 16 year old, fed through a meat grinder, and reassembled by a Chinese movie studio so all that remains is a not-so-interesting couple that was meant for each other because neither is very interesting when all is said and done.

Li Yifeng plays a moody-but-not-very-expressive aspiring singer who is confused by his doe-eyed girlfriend (played by Yang Mi) breaking up with him when he moves to London to pursue a music career. But fate reunites them years later, as he becomes a pop star, parts ways with his agent, and then hires his ex who happens to work at the same management company.

The pair has a lot unresolved issues that lead to sexual tension and attempts to stay professional. The lack of chemistry between the leads and paint-by-numbers plot drag down the movie, and having the actors wear a hat or writing on the mirror with lipstick does nothing to make it feel fun or authentic.

The best part of the film is the declaration of love during the climactic awards ceremony, signaling the end of a brisk 90-minute movie.  No need for a spoiler alert because the movie was never fresh.

Did I like the movie: No
What I learned:¬†There’s no danger being stuck in a runaway balloon drifting aimlessly above China.

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