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Oatmeal or pancakes for breakfast? Get oatmeal pancakes at Conrad’s!

You can be healthy and order oatmeal that is supposed to help your heart and keep you regular. Or you can have warm, fluffy pancakes, smear whipped butter all over them, douse the stack with sweet, sticky syrup, and then prepare for food coma. Hm, let me think about that.

At Conrad’s you can do both! My wife ordered the oatmeal pancakes and they’re actually pretty good–maybe a little heavier and less elastic than the real thing but the ritual and toppings are the same.

I chose the regular pancake combo because it was cheaper–also softer, more elastic, and slightly chewy with almost crisped edges… It’s not fair to compare, but if you are on death’s row and selecting your last meal with no regard to cholesterol this is the way to go.

Then again, you can get a big-ass breakfast burrito with hashed browns and bacon in it like our buddy did. Lucky Boy-esque. And check out the slivers of American cheese that look like they were cut right off the plastic sheets!

All this and more at Conrad’s. It’s old school, unironic, and bottomless cups of coffee come with the specials. If we were able to find parking by the fancier coffee place that we wanted to try out, we would have spent about as much as we did at Conrad’s just on caffeine!

861 E. Walnut St.


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