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Original Triple Crown is a tasty, haunted restaurant in Chicago’s Chinatown

Original Triple Crown isn’t on the main drag of Chicago’s Chinatown where you’ll see the traditional arch, neon signs, and boba shops. It’s around the corner on the way to old apartments and senior centers, and you could easily walk right by the modest stairs leading up to it. But once you enter the humble, medium-sized restaurant, there are francy red coverings on every seat and heavy menus that are made out of the same stuff as vintage board games.

The food is really good and it ain’t cheap. Three of us adults and a kid polished off a plate of fried tofu with salt and pepper coating, garlicky on choy, very spicy green beans, and an entire tilapia! Fifty bucks, but being surrounded by lots of Cantonese families and talking long enough to have three or four teapot refills on pretty late on a Saturday night made it feel like home.

One the way back from washing hands and getting ready to head back into the Windy City, our host asked my daughter if she noticed anything interesting in the ladies room. No one was crying in there?

The bathroom, he tells us, is haunted. Women go in and often see someone sobbing. They leave rattled, but she is never seen entering or leaving through the doors. More than one of his friends has seen the ghost. His mom won’t even use the bathroom, and holds in her pee until she gets home.

We didn’t see the ghost but maybe you will!

Original Triple Crown
211 W. 22nd Pl.


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