Private Party looks like Communist China but eats like Las Vegas

AYCE hotpot served by Communist comrades as servers seems like an oxymoron. Shouldn’t everyone get an equal amount of food at a place that looks like Private Party?

But if you look more closely at the propaganda posters and menus, you’ll notice that the messages preach finishing what you start more than anything else: Grandpa Mao (Chairman Mao) says waste is the biggest sin. ¬†Clean plates movement. Conserve on food and drink, clean all plates for a better life.

Oh yeah, the hot pot. There are various soup bases and a good selection of different types of meat–although not quite as many cut selections as a Korean BBQ. There are also different types of vegetables,¬† noodles, and appetizers which are included in the AYCE price. Yum.

The servers are friendly and attentive–not very much like Communist comrades–so go ahead and eat like a capitalist pig!

Private Party
111 N. Atlantic Blvd. #349
Monterey Park


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