Samyang Spicy Fried Chicken Flavored Ramen will burn in a hole through your tongue but you’ll want more

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Even in the 626, you can’t eat out every single meal. Sometimes you want to cook something nice for yourself, your family, and your friends. Other times, you’re desperate and just make some ramen. Yesterday, I got home starving for a quick, late lunch and remembered that a friend gave me some super spicy Korean ramen that is only available at certain H Mart stores.

The brick of noodles is standard; it’s the packet of red chili sauce that brings the heat. I added the whole amount but also poured in some frozen peas and corn before cracking an egg into the mixture to take the edge off and make it slightly more healthy. Then I added the second packet of seaweed garnish to make it extra fancy.


Was it hot? Chili oil slicks cover the soup’s surface and form red continents on the wall of your bowl. It will stain your clothes, napkins, and skin on contact, and I’m glad I didn’t have any cuts. It will sting your tongue and make you sweat. But it has good flavor, too.

I admit that I didn’t drink the leftover broth, but after doing some research afterward I found out that you’re supposed to drain most of the soup before eating it anyway. Also, there’s no chicken in it so vegetarian spice lovers can enjoy, too!


Running from $1.50-$2.00 per pack, it isn’t the cheapest ramen out there. But it could be the spiciest and I’d totally eat it again.



  1. Christine Posted on 20/08/15

    There isn’t suppose to be any broth…. you’re suppose to strain the water after boiling the noodles… leaving a couple spoons of water and then adding the sauces….. maybe next time….

    1. martinw Posted on 20/08/15

      Yes, next time! Good looking out!

  2. GgCooker Posted on 24/09/17

    The orginal samyang ramen shouldn’t be in soup. You should strain the water after the ramen is cooked and mix them with the packaged sauce.

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