SGV boxing fans, go to Nick’s for the Morales gear and come back for the hefty breakfasts

Nick’s Cafe is a bona fide, old-school coffee shop just north of Chinatown that’s popular with cops and city workers and famous for massive slabs of caramelized ham and tasty jalapeño bacon. Like the hardest core breakfast places, it opens at the crack of dawn and closes at 3:00 p.m. And on the dry-erase boards right next to the specials is a listing for souvenir T-shirts!

But the gear doesn’t promote Nick’s upright pig mascot. It reps the team of Carlos “The Solution” Morales, longtime Nick’s manager, the pride of Highland Park, and namesake of C M Boxing Stables in Alhambra. Buy a T-shirt to wear to the next fight in a sweaty gym at the end of the 710 or a real institution of a coffee shop across from the new State Park? Hm…

I got a hefty Sunshine Burrito for $6.99, subbed hash browns for meat, and didn’t need lunch afterward. Just saying.

Nick’s Cafe
1300 N. Spring St.
Los Angeles


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