Some Like It Hot–and maybe you will like this Chinese comedy, too

There’s a new movie coming to Atlantic Times Square called Some Like It Hot that doesn’t star Marilyn Monroe but does have a reference to the classic comedy’s famous upskirt scene, which is in the trailer. Although the Chinese title is Qing Sheng, I didn’t notice any references to the Stephen Chow flick.

From the trailer, it looks like some guys are going through midlife crises and embark on a trip to recapture their youth at the expense of their marriages, careers, and self-respect. Do the hijinks sound good to you? This is a good gateway to Chinese cinema for mainstream audiences who are open to reading subtitles but aren’t fans of kung fu movies, gangster flicks, or peasant dramas.

Hallyu freaks check out the return of Clara Lee!

See it at Atlantic Times Square starting on Friday, January 13.

AMC Atlantic Times Square
14450 N. Atlantic Blvd.
Monterey Park


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