Spanglish Kitchen is straight-up, just okay Mexican

Trying to find good Mexican food in 626 shouldn’t be that hard. Yet it is. With the exception of Babita (for special occasions), Armando’s (the Valley location closed), and Pepe’s (the drive thru is always packed), where else can one go?

Now there’s Spanglish Kitchen. But if your brand-new restaurant is going to share its same name with an Adam Sandler movie, how about 50 First Dates or even Happy Gilmore? I get Spanglish Kitchen, but really?

The movie is mediocre and so is the food at the walk-up Mexican diner with the dog-friendly patio. I had imagined that the menu would include fusion food, but the “glish” never happens. Tacos, quesadillas, tortas, and huraches aren’t a bad thing but, unfortunately, the beans were hard, the bread was dry, and the meat was just okay. The aguas frescas were tasty, though!

Spanglish Kitchen is bright, shiny, and new so they should get some action for a while. I’m hoping the restaurant will improve quickly to survive, succeed, and then come up with a better name. Trejo’s Taco’s has already been taken, but how about something based on a more current celebrity who’s actually Mexican like Louis CK or Selena Gomez? 

Spanglish Kitchen
526 N. Atlantic Blvd.



  1. OG SGV Posted on 24/09/16

    Stick to what you know best, i.e., Asian food. Despite your unqualified review that seems to dwell on things like names and movies, Spanglish Kitchen is always busy. The food is fresh, the sauces are great and everything tastes very clean. I’ve never had hard beans or dry anything there. Stick to your yum cha. Are there even any Latinos on your review staff that actually know this type of food? Armando’s and Babita are good but Pepe’s is pretty nasty.

  2. alhambra mom Posted on 11/12/16

    have to agree, spanglish kitchens food is pretty damn great! potato tacos and their spanglish kitchen burger are regular eats for me

  3. B Posted on 31/05/17

    Stop picking on the name, and your damn expectation that “glish” means that it has to be fusion food is utterly stupid.

    Spanglish kitchen offers a great menu and is darn good. Spanlish Kitchen has great tacos, great horchatas and drinks, very friendly staff, and draws a busy crowd. So I guess your “review” is saying that everyone in this crowd is waiting in line for “mediocre” food.

    Yes, please stick to reviewing Chinese food, and leave Spanglish Kitchen alone. I’m also Asian, and I happen to love Spanglish Kitchen.

  4. B Posted on 04/11/17

    You’re looking for the “glish” part of the food and it’s right there. Have you ever tried real Mexican food? This place is Americanized. There’s your “glish”.

    It’s been over a year since your review. I suggest you stop by again.

    Btw.. they have a burger

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