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The Balian Ice Cream House Christmas lights in Altadena

The Balian family made its fortune by supplying ice cream to the LAUSD back in the day, but today it’s more famous for extravagant Christmas lights at the pink mansion in Altadena. Located on 1960 Mendocino Lane of Allen, the lights can be seen charging the winter mist from miles away. Once you arrive at the Griswold-esque feast for the eyes and holiday spirit, you aren’t likely to get into holiday-wrecking debates about Jesus vs. Santa since the 3.5 acres, 10,000 light bulbs, and surplus of decorations are divided into manger and sled halves. We visited on a drizzling Monday night and found a lot of parking but also entrepreneurs hawking stuff to make tiny tots’ eyes aglow. Now that’s the Christmas spirit!

Balian Ice Cream House
1960 Mendocino Lane


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