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The Doo Dah Parade cometh on Sunday, November 19

Halloween is over but it’s only the beginning of a massive holiday season stretching through Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, and Chinese New Year. Turkey, tamales, bubbly drinks, and noodles–time to break out the formal gear with stretchy waistbands.

There’s one parade with flowers mixed in there and perhaps three if a certain baseball team wins Game 7 of the World Series tonight. Of course, the other one is the Doodah Parade which happens on Sunday, November 19 this year. Since 1978, the Rose Parade’s smaller, weirder, and more fun sibling has showcased the talents of the Briefcase Drill Team, Lawnmower Drill Team, and the Shopping Cart Drill Team.

Not only can you just show up on the day of the event to watch it, but you can actually sign up to take part right up until then. (Ten bucks per marcher but someone’s got to pay for something, right?)

Get more information and sign up at pasadenadoodahparade.info.




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