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The Jade Pendant retells the story of Los Angeles’s Chinatown Massacre of 1871


On October 24, 1871, a mob of 500 rioters marched to Chinatown in Los Angeles and proceeded to rob, torture, and hang 18 Chinese immigrants. It was the largest lynching in American history. You won’t find any monuments to commemorate the shameful event at Union Station, where it all happened, but now there’s a movie to help spread the word.

Timed for release right around its anniversary, The Pendant features South Korea’s Clara Lee, Taiwan’s Godfrey Gao, and Russell Wong from many middle-aged Asian American women’s bedroom walls during their teenage years. The trailer emphasizes Lee’s character’s story, in which she flees an arranged marriage in China, goes to America, and learns that life in the land dubbed “Gold Mountain” won’t be quite as easy as she thought.

Here’s the trailer:

Look for it to open next week at Atlantic Times Square.

AMC Atlantic Times Square 14
450 N. Atlantic Blvd.
Monterey Park


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