Tibet Nepal House in Pasadena since 2001

With a giant Buddha head greeting you, service that’s just as tranquil, and food that’s out of this world, the only thing that would make Tibet Nepal House better is a Yeti. Oh wait, I’m mixing up the Himalayas with the Matterhorn at Disneyland–which is actually supposed to be in the Swiss Alps. Southern California can be so confusing but, yes, Tibet Nepal House actually does have a gift shop a few doors down.

Back to the food…

We couldn’t decide on appetizers, so we went with a sampler plate including veggie dumplings, triangles of cheese, chicken tikka, and spiced potatoes… Right on!

Ordered some yak mo mo, too. That’s what’s they call dumplings, and packed with one the local meats of choice. Can you get fresh yak in Pasadena? I don’t know but everyone said it was quite good and juicy.

We got the noodles for long life and curry soup, too. They were kind of like Chinese glass noodles or Indonesian soup, but with a little Indian flavor. Himalayans and Nepalese will probably say they just taste like home, though.

The spinach and potato dishes were a lot more like Indian food but a little more mellow. A good gateway food for those who don’t try a lot of different cuisines with the nicest, most attentive wait staff refilling your water when your cup get near half full.

You gotta pay for parking on Holly Street, but it’s more mellow and peaceful than Colorado and easier than going to the Rooftop of the World.

Tibet Nepal House
36 Holly St.


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