Unelectric Night Market in Alhambra

Technically, the Electric Night Market wasn’t a misnomer. There were food trucks, games, and entertainment. But come on now: six trucks, two food booths, home-made pachinko, and dough ball? I’ve seen more activity at a construction site during lunchtime.

To be fair, this was an exceptionally small-scale church/school fundraiser that was geared more toward a few residential blocks rather than the community. But expectations run thigh when Vincent Lugo Park in San Gabriel and the 626 Market Place in Arcadia host events that showcase over 20 food trucks and draw a couple hundred to thousands of partygoers.

I should have curbed my enthusiasm after Googling the address and seeing a small parking lot. They should think of a humbler name.

At least the admittance was free, the food was decent, and the night was still young when I took off so I could find something interesting to do afterward.

Electric Night Market
29 S. Electric Ave.


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