Yet another awesome return of Wukong a.k.a. The Monkey King

It can get confusing with all the reboots of Spider-Man, Batman, James Bond, and the Planet of the Apes. The cycle of resetting the actors and stories gets tighter and tighter. But even more confusing are the cinematic adaptations of the Monkey King, which likely overlap because our hero’s legend is older than the hills and is in public domain. Wait, does that even matter in China?

This summer’s take is directed by Derek Pang (Journey To The West: Conquering Demons, Gallants) and stars Eddie Peng (Call of Heroes, Operation Mekong, Duckweed). It looks like a high-production value, old-school kung-fu movie detailing Wukong’s adventures before he becomes the Monkey King.

Last week, we saw the badass trailer before the excellent Shock Wave at Atlantic Times Square. Here’s hoping the movie shows up in Monterey Park on July 13 as well… Maybe we’ll see you there!


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